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There is now an IMMERSIVE, INTERNATIONAL summer camp in Taiwan that helps students build CONFIDENCE and TEAMWORK SKILLS. American coaches and instructors bring a new experience to your school, combining English language instruction and basketball coaching for an UNFORGETTABLE experience.

A professional team of English language instructors and basketball coaches in Taiwan have designed a new type of Summer Camp. This combination of language and physical skill training provides schools in Taiwan an active alternative that only an American team can provide. The results from our instruction last much longer than the results of passive learning from behind a desk.

Organized by Bridge Studios and the American Basketball Coaches Association in Taiwan, the American Basketball English Camp provides a three-day camp that includes active English lessons, team basketball instruction, and friendly competition. Junior high school participants leave with a lifetime memory to cherish, and new skills to boost their confidence. They can continue to learn basketball skills and will find it easier to speak English in front of people. Evaluations have shown that the American Basketball English Camp consistently earns high ratings among participants.

Our goal is to expand this activity to schools all over Taiwan, but more importantly, we hope to reach areas where children don't get much exposure to international culture exchange.

Listen to our interview about the American English Basketball Program on ICRT Radio!

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2016 Summer Camp

Sigang Jr High Photos

On August 20 and 21 of 2016, Sigang Jr. High hosted the 2-day event, but opened the camp to all local children of junior high age. We had our largest turnout, with 50 participants. Click on the photos to see our Photo Galleries.

Day 1

Sigang Jr High Day 1

Day 2

Sigang Jr High Day 2

2016 Friendship Games Tournament

Tournament Photos

On February 1st and 2nd of 2016, American Basketball English Camp co-organized the 2-day event, hosted by Tainan City Government, and supported by AIT and Rotary Club Tainan City Southeast. We had 16 Tainan City schools participate, with 192 participants and 50 volunteers. Click on the photos to see our Photo Galleries.

Day 1

Friendship Games Day 1

Day 2

Friendship Games Day 2

2015 Summer Camps

Hou-Jia Jr High Photos

Day 1

HouJia Jr High Day 1

Day 2

HouJia Jr High Day 2

Day 3

HouJia Jr High Day 3

Jiali Jr High Photos

Day 1

Jiali Jr High Day 1

Day 2

Jiali Jr High Day 2

Day 3

Jiali Jr High Day 3

Nanxin Jr High Photos

Day 1

Nanxin Jr High Day 1

Day 2

Nanxin Jr High Day 2

Day 3

Nanxin Jr High Day 3
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  • 08/20-08/21/2016
    Event Location: Sigang District Community Center
    No.10718 San-hing Street, Sigang District, Tainan City 723
    Co-Organizer School: Tainan Municipal Sigang Junior High School
    No.41, Wunhua Rd., Sigang Township, Tainan City 723
    Tel: (06) 795-2071